Routine maintenance completed

Routine maintenance was performed for 30 minutes on all systems this morning.  No issues were noted and all systems are back to normal.

1st Sep 2019
Minor traffic disruption resolved

A momentary traffic loss occurred due to a Distributed Denial of Service attack on our upstream provider.  The issue was resolved within 10 minutes and all systems are reporting normal again.

2nd Jul 2019
web mail address has changed

As of today, our webmail address is now and the old address will no longer work.

27th Apr 2019
HTTPS connection issues

Certain websites are experiencing issues with HTTPS connections.  We are actively troubleshooting the issue and will advise clients when the issue is resolved.  We appreciate your patience.

28th Mar 2019
Performance Issues Resolved

Between 4:00am EST and 8:00am EST today some performance issues were noted within our system.  Some websites may have been unavailable during intermittent moments while we identified the problem.  The issue is now resolved and all sites are back to full speed.  Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

3rd Jan 2019
Routine maintenance complete

Routine maintenance on all servers was performed this morning during off-peak hours.   All systems were restarted and are reporting normal operation.

19th Oct 2015
Maintenance complete

All systems are back online and working great !

30th Oct 2014
Short maintenance today 5:00am Eastern

We'll be rebooting servers for about 5 minutes starting at 5:00am Eastern to finalize the POODLE fixes.   All sites will be down during the 5-minute window.

30th Oct 2014
Webmail using SSL now available

We are excited to announce that encrypted webmail is now available.   Simply browse to and use your usual webmail credentials.  Your entire webmail experience will be encrypted via SSL.You can continue to use your existing webmail under your own domain name however these connections will not be ... Read More »

29th Oct 2014
POODLE safety concerns

As you may be aware, a recent security notice has been circulating the internet regarding the POODLE vulnerability with SSL v3.0.

Our servers do not implement SSL v3.0 and therefore we are not affected by this vulnerability.

29th Oct 2014